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In October 2018, our two-year-old son was infected with E. coli during the romaine lettuce outbreak.  It was one week from the first sign that something was wrong until the day he died.

We had no idea that eating a salad could be a matter of life or death.  And we were shocked to find out how widespread this problem is.

"Leafy green vegetables now cause more E. coli outbreaks than any other food, including beef." - The Boston Globe

We started 4 Acres Hydroponics in honour of Cooper to provide people with a safe alternative.

If I had you here for one more day
I'd hold you close, next to you I'd lay
I'd hug you and kiss you until you wiggled away
Lost in your innocence, I'd watch you play
I'd cherish your laugh and the things you'd say
I'd follow your lead, in the moment I'd stay

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