Our Story


In October 2018, our two-year-old son was infected with E. coli during the romaine lettuce outbreak.

It was one week from the first sign that something was wrong until the day he died.


Our Farm

In our carefully controlled indoor environment we're growing year-round with no pesticides or herbicides.

Our Produce

We have a variety of greens available now.

Take Action


We're happy to be growing safe food for so many people, but it's not enough.

Since losing Cooper we've heard the same story over and over, outbreak after outbreak.

This has to stop.  But, it will only stop if we all stand together.


We've started a petition to call upon the government of Canada to require all 

high-risk leafy greens to be tested for E. coli before they are allowed to enter Canada.

If you are a resident of Canada please sign our petition so we can bring this issue to parliament.